25 Easy Ways to Make the World a Better Place

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There is a popular trend hitting social media. Some celebrities are asking people to perform acts of service and/or kindness in their behalf to commemorate a special day, often a birthday. Some have broken it into a hash tag, something like #40for40 or the likes. What a great movement! In the spirit of trying to create a world that is kinder, while we’re not celebrating any particular milestone, all of us at All American Self Storage in Redwood City, CA have come up with a list to get you started.

25 Ways to spread some kindness

  1. Help random people load their groceries in their car.
  2. Return shopping carts for people.
  3. Offer to reach the top shelves if someone is vertically challenged (short).
  4. Compliment someone who looks like they are having a rough day.
  5. Compliment someone who looks like they aren’t having a rough day.
  6. Send a text, message, or card to someone who’s touched your life. It’s better if it’s been a while since said event.
  7. It’s amazing how it lifts your mood and that of those around you too.
  8. If you see someone struggling with a tired, loud, fussy child at the store, offer to help them finish their shopping so they can get home.
  9. If someone is dealing with a child having a tantrum, smile and encourage them rather than judge them. Let them know that this parenting gig is rough.
  10. Let people go ahead of you in lines, even if they have more than you do.
  11. Write encouraging messages on the sidewalk with sidewalk chalk.
  12. Donate those things that have been sitting in your front closet.
  13. Stock up on change and always buy lemonade from children’s lemonade stands. You get bonus happiness if you give the young entrepreneurs a dollar and teach them the phrase, “Keep the change!”
  14. Take some of your meal to a neighbor and get to know them.
  15. Do some car karaoke at stoplights with the windows down and invite others to join you. “Bohemian Rhapsody” or anything by Journey is awesome.
  16. Apologize for something that you regret doing, even if it was in high school.
  17. Offer to help people and follow through.
  18. Mow another person’s lawn.
  19. Take a neighbor’s trash can to the house from the street on trash day.
  20. Buy a few dozen donuts and visit a police or fire station.
  21. Volunteer to share your hobby at an assisted living facility.
  22. If you like to knit or crochet, make little stuffed octopi for preemie babies.
  23. Make lap blankets for those in wheelchairs.
  24. Sew simple stuffed toys for children and donate to hospitals, police stations, fire stations, etc.
  25. Go to the back to school sales and stock up on supplies at crazy prices and donate them to children in need.

There are so many ways that we can make the world a better place and brighten each other’s days, most of the above suggestions only take a little time and thought and don’t need significant planning. We invite you to try a few and let us know how it goes and All American Self Storage in Redwood City.

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