3 Top Tips for Tool Storage

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Although to some, long term storage of one’s tools is an absolute no-no, there are times when it simply needs to happen. Proper preparation before storing your tools at All American Self Storage in Redwood City, CA can protect them from damage caused by rust, and save you a small fortune. While the climate in San Mateo County is quite pleasant without extremes of temperature or humidity, we recommend that our customers err on the side of caution.

Plan, dehumidify, and palletize

Moisture is the enemy for anything that you are storing long-term. When you put your tools (and/or anything else into storage units), you should, whenever possible, keep your possessions off of the cement, stacking them with room for air flow. Many of our storage customers use a dehumidifying method or two to try and reduce moisture. A common and cost-effective technique is to fill a five-gallon bucket (commonly found in hardware stores) with charcoal and putting it into the center of your unit. This will need to be changed every six months to ten months to be most effective. Putting everything on pallets is a great way to reduce the risk of damage from a rare and unexpected flood into your unit.

Clean, lubricate and wrap

Thoroughly clean each tool. Without this step, you can invite rust. Dust on your tools attracts moisture and hastens rust growth.

Oil all moving parts and grease-safe surfaces. When you have properly oiled your tools, wrap them loosely. Most experts recommend that you use a moving blanket to wrap and protect them.

We heard once of a man who greased all his tools, wrapped them in several sheets of wax paper, and left them in containers in his garage – almost five decades ago. When the tools were first unwrapped a few years ago, there was not a speck of rust on them and they were ready to be used again.

While this is an unusual result, and we certainly cannot guarantee that your tools will fare as well, we can promise that we maintain our All American Self Storage in Redwood City as if we were caring for our own personal belongings.

What about power tools?

In addition to the steps above, you can protect your power tools by removing all belts, etc. and store them flat. Cordless power tools should be disconnected from their batteries and wrapped. All of our units are fully insulated – walls and ceilings, so your rechargeable batteries should be safe while being stored.

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