3 Ways to Save Some $$ as You Ditch the Discs

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At All American Self Storage in San Mateo CA, we frequently discuss space-saving tips with our customers. Over the last few years, there has been an uptick in conversations about DVD and/or Blu-ray collections. These can swallow large chunks of space in your home, and while not as bad as VHS collections, it still adds up. Buying digital copies of disks that you already own can be expensive, so we’ve compiled a list of our favorite 3 ways to cut costs when you digitize your collection.

Vudu Disc-to-Digital

If you have a Vudu account (free) and an eligible DVD or Blu-ray disk, you can use mobile software or your computer to legally purchase a low-cost ($2-5) digital copy of your titles. Doing so is easy, and as long as the disk is in Vudu’s Disc-to-Digital inventory, you can get your DVD or Blu-ray titles imported into your Vudu account for viewing on Smart TVs, on mobile devices, as well as the Movies Anywhere app.

It is important to note that older movies are not as likely to be available at Vudu Disk-to-Digital, but it is worth a shot to check and see.

Amazon Prime Video

One thing that is nice about Amazon Prime Video is that the company is stable. When you purchase a digital file of your movies, it is going to be stored in Amazon’s Cloud. With Amazon’s retail strength in the market, it is hard to imagine the company going under, so you have the peace of mind when buying digital copies of your movies. Amazon’s prices are on par with the market, so you’re not really getting significant savings there.

Where you can save is if you are a frequent Amazon Prime Shopper. If you elect to have slightly slower shipping, you can often receive a digital credit of $1. This can add up if you shop frequently at Amazon. It’s hard to imagine waiting an extra few days for those electric banana peelers or whatever gadget you find in a daily deal, but doing so can save you some serious cash if you are a frequent shopper.

If you want to bump your game up a notch, shop for items in individual orders so they will chip separately. If you opt for the slower shipping speed for 6 items individually, you can cash in 6 $1 No-rush shipping digital rewards instead of 1order for $1.

Donate or sell the disks and use a streaming service

Ok, this is not really creating a digital library that you own, but still makes sense. You can donate the disks to hospitals, veterans’ homes, hospices, etc. or sell them at a garage sale, on Facebook Marketplace, or Craigslist, etc. Donations like this are great options, and you clear it out and subscribe to a streaming service such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

We hope that this has helped you with your disk collection dilemma, and if you have any other ideas, please stop into our San Mateo storage unit facility and let us know.

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