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It seems like every time you turn around, there is a new fad to help you conquer clutter, purge things out of your life, and achieve world peace. OK, maybe not the world peace thing, but you know what I mean, right? Do you know what the best self-help organizing strategy is? The one that works for you. Think about it, it doesn’t really matter if it worked for your sister’s hairdresser’s cousin. It needs to work for you, be meaningful to you, and be a system that you can stick with.

With that being said, I have discovered one way that might help you get on top of the clutter that drags you down.

Make a commitment

Professionals will tell you that the best way to take something seriously or value it is to make it important enough to spend a little money on. At All American Self Storage, we have several storage units that can help you to have a landing spot for items while you decide their ultimate fate.

There are units of all sizes available at our San Mateo storage location. Essentially, you want a unit to be the holding cell for items that are not the most important in your sifting through nor are they the ones that you can easily proclaim are junk. By putting these items into a San Mateo self storage unit, you will be testing their usefulness for a short time.

Divide and conquer

Each week, select another area of your home that is cluttered and tackle it. Pick a small area and clear it, donate items that have outlived their usefulness, throw away broken things. Select a day each week to have a date with your new storage unit. Pack and seal up all your undecided items, label them, and put them away. After you’ve done this for a few months, you will see a pattern developing. If you really don’t miss the things that you’ve packed away after a few months, it is reasonable to say that you probably don’t need them.

Donate with no regrets

Take these items to a charity and keep going. So, let’s say that the area that you started with was your home’s mud room. Nothing that you took away has been missed in three months. You can donate it with a peaceful heart and move along. Feels great, doesn’t it?

Set an end goal

Many homeowners find that this process, if well-planned and executed, can be completed in about 6 months. After you’ve set a goal, keep chipping away at your clutter crisis, you will see that you can keep going much easier since you are seeing progress. Make sure to maintain a non-clutter state for areas that you’ve purged. Nothing is harder than having to circle back and re-do decluttering over and over again.

The biggest benefit to this method of clearing clutter is that it is consistent. No matter which tried and true trick you use, it is important to keep going and create a new habit. You can do it if you just keep going.

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