How to get your Laundry under Control

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The one chore we all then to have a problem with is laundry. You may notice your problem when you have a designated couch cushion just for your laundry needing folding. Get that laundry under control by putting your excess clothing in a storage unit at All American Self Storage in Redwood City, CA and by follow the steps listed below.


Utilize Available Space

Laundry rooms are known to be small and have very little storage space. Utilize what space you can by installing shelving above the washer and dryer. Purchase hanging storage units to place behind the door. The key to having more storage space is to stay organized. Create or purchase bins to separate the various items you may need in your laundry room. This way you can always find what you are looking for.


Teach the Children

Laundry is not a fun chore to do, especially if you are the only one doing it for your whole family. To lighten your load, you can teach the children how to do their own laundry. Guide them through the process the first few times they are in charge of their own clothes. Teach them to separate their lights from darks and how much soap to use when they have their load of clothes in the washer. Teaching them the laundry basics now will help them when they are older.


Stick to a Schedule

Laundry can easily get out of hand if you don’t stick to a schedule. Doing a little laundry each day or a few times throughout the week will make it so you don’t have a huge pile of dirty and clean clothes to sort through.


Sorting Hamper

A sorting hamper is a time saver and can easily be purchased at any supermarket. These hampers allow you to sort your clothing as you use the hamper. This way you can save time sorting your clothes later when it is actually time to do the laundry.


Seasonal Clothes

The reason you seem to have so many clothes in your hamper, laundry room, and closet is probably due to the fact that you still have out of season clothes in your home. Renting a storage unit at All American Self Storage in Redwood City, CA can give you the space to store your out of season clothing. You will find that sorting through your clothing and storing what you currently aren’t wearing will lighten the load when it comes to doing laundry.


Put things Away

Laundry is a process. Not only do you have to wash and dry the clothes, you know have to sort, fold, and put them away. To make the task not seem so daunting, you should try and get into the habit of putting your clothing away right after each load is completed. This will save you a lot of time and effort in the long run.


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