How to Organize and Personalize your Child’s Bathroom

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A child’s bathroom can be the epicenter of their morning routine. If you find that your bathroom is a disorganized mess you may also find that their morning routines are making you late. Having a clean and organized bathroom that works for your child can get your child ready for the day and out of the house sooner. When you store the unnecessary items in a storage unit at All American Self Storage in San Mateo, CA and the tips listed below you can have the perfect bathroom for your child.


Lower the Towel Hooks


How often do you walk into your child’s bathroom to see a wet towel on the floor? You can easily get rid of this problem by installing hooks at a level close to your child’s height for them to hang their towel on. Get them motivated to use their new towel hook by personalizing their towel space with their name.



Organize the Clutter with Bins


The use of plastic bins in your child’s bathroom could get rid of the majority of the clutter. If you have younger children you are bound to have a large amount of bath toys. You can store the bath toys in a plastic bin while they are not in use. Put the bin on a shelf or in the cupboard to keep the floor space clear. Set aside a plastic bin for muddy or wet clothing that your child tends to leave on the bathroom floor. Tossing it in the bin is the easiest way to get it into the laundry room to be washed.



Cleaning Supplies


Each bathroom in your home should have its own cleaning supplies. This will save you from having to tote around cleaning supplies to each room in your house. Keeping them in a small caddy for storage is easiest. If you have small children make sure to place the cleaning supplies in an area that they can’t get into.



Personalize their Bathroom Supplies


If you have more than one child using this bathroom you can easily keep all of their own personal bathroom supplies together by giving them their own caddy or bag. They can keep their toothbrush, hair accessories, face wash, etc. in their bag without fear of someone else using it. Coordinate each bag by color to make it fun for each child.



Maximize Available Storage


Bathrooms are known to be small and never have enough storage space. Installing shelving and cubbies in your child’s bathroom can help you to utilize the available wall space. Remember to take advantage of the space you have available behind your bathroom door as well by installing a towel rack or over the door hanging storage.

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