How to Store Stuffed Animals for Long Term Storage

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Several years back, we saw a Girl Scout leader on TV with her Troop. They’d collected over 200 new and lightly used stuffed animals from their homes to donate to a special needs Valentine’s Day dance. In case you were wondering, that came to nearly 40 pounds of stuffed animals! I don’t know about you, but grabbing a stuffed toy as a quick “I don’t know what else to get as a gift, but here’s a stuffed squid,” is something that I do more often than I’d like to admit.

After holidays – especially Valentine’s Day and Easter, I try and avoid the after-holiday clearance of stuffed animals like the plague, since the frugal section of my brain is screaming, “Stock up!” The practical side is suggesting a book, experience, etc. When I saw pictures of these Brownie Girl Scouts buried by piles of stuffed animals, I was awestruck at how many stuffed animals were there and wondered if I should rethink my go-to gift for others as this could create quite a collection of clutter in a playroom.

What is the best way to store stuffed toys long term?

When you’ve reached critical mass and it is time to store the stuffies, there are several tips to keep them fresh. Through the years, we’ve been asked several times on this very topic. After all, we work with almost everything being stored at our storage in Redwood City.

Preventing mildew and musty odors

If you live in a humid area, throwing stuffed animals into a dryer for a few minutes to dry our any moisture before sealing them up in bins. This extra step can help prevent mildew growth.

What about plastic bags?

Many people store their stuffed toys in plastic trash bags or vacuum sealed bags. Trash bags are a low-cost option, but not particularly suitable for long-term storage as they degrade after about 5 years, and the contents will not be sealed. High-quality vacuum storage bags are a good option, but if the collection is large, it can become cost prohibitive. Lower-cost bags are not as likely to provide dust and moisture blocking.

The best storage option

For the ultimate level of preservation, experts recommend wrapping the stuffed toy with a sheet of acid free tissue paper and packing them loosely in plastic storage bins with a locking lid.

If you know of any other ways to store stuffed animals, stop by and let us know at All American Self Storage in Redwood City, CA. And as for whether or not I have actually purchased a stuffed squid, I’m not telling.

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