Is Extreme Minimalism the “Only” Way?

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Unless you’ve been living underneath a rock, you have likely seen the explosion of the trend of minimalism. Like everything else in our society today, it has become a situation that has become a battle of sorts. Similar to other contentious topics, moms everywhere can attest to the various battles that strike them each day and can erode at their self confidence – bottle vs. breast, cloth vs. disposable, work vs. stay at home – each of these are intertwined into a common thread that implies that sides need to be taken or that there is a single answer.

With our currently contentious society, and as those with strong opinions share their voices via social media, there has also arisen a viewpoint that if two people disagree that there is only one correct answer – the one shared by the “loudest” person or the one with more “likes.” This has created a mindset that somehow by the token of disagreement, that the “other side” is inherently evil, hate-filled, intolerant, etc. This divisiveness has become poisonous to our society in this enlightened time, when we should be more open to others’ thoughts, we’ve become increasingly less so. This practice may even stimulate many people’s internal shame mechanism, further fueling the skyrocketing increase in the nation’s mental health challenges.

There are rarely absolutes

While it might seem to be nice to live in a world with absolutes, most things are simply not so. There are many who are able to manage their lives perfectly well even though they have more than the extreme Kondo Method’s recommendation of 20 books in their home. Even more, there are those with whom we’ve become acquainted during our time at All American Self storage in San Mateo who are far from absolute minimalists and are happy, well-adjusted members of society.

For many, either the giving or receiving of gifts is one of their primary love languages. For us to assume that if they aren’t perfectly minimalists that there is something inherently wrong with them is unfair and puts undue stress on them, by cutting off their primary love language(s).

Rather than count on absolutes for every aspect of our lives, it would be so much better to work within the realm that different ideas work for different people and there is more than one right way to do just about everything.

And, no worries, whether you trend towards materialism or minimalism, you’re always welcome at our San Mateo self storage facility.

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