Prepping your Storage Unit for Winter

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Prepping your Storage Unit for Winter

As the winter weather is fast approaching we want you to be prepared for anything, especially when it comes to your self-storage unit at All American Self Storage in San Mateo. We have gathered some tips for you to try when it comes to getting your storage unit ready for winter.

Protect your Temperature Sensitive Items

While the temperature may not fluctuate tremendously during the winter, it’s important to prepare temperature-sensitive items, such as art, musical instruments, and paper documents, for colder temperatures and the eventual change in weather that comes in the spring. You will want to make sure these item in particular have been properly packed and insulated. It is even worth the effort of going and checking on these items throughout this winter.

Buy Water Tight Bins

Using water-tight plastic bins helps protect the contents within and doesn’t create waste. While cardboard boxes can normally be reused again, that option dissipates when the boxes become wet. Plastic bins help prevent water damage and can be used repeatedly over time. They are known to provide the best protection no matter what item you are storing within.

Cover your Furniture

Covers can help protect wood furniture from the effects of drastic temperature changes. Using furniture covers, sheets, or blankets can help prevent low temperatures from having a negative effect on the wood. Also, consider using waterproof covers and tarps to protect furniture from moisture due to extreme winter weather. Try to mount your furniture up of the floor of your storage unit as well with the use of pallets or tarps.

You can trust All American Self-Storage in San Mateo to give you the perfect self-storage unit for your storage needs. It is up to you to make sure your items are being stored properly. For more storage tips and trick make sure you keep up with our blog or give us a call.

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