Shaming and Minimization

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The current tone of our society has become that there is only one way to do just about anything and if you dare to do it differently, you are wrong, mocked, and/or shamed. It’s fascinating that our country, born from oppression with the seeds of diversity and independence, is now fractured and divided based upon differences. Somehow, something has gone wrong; in order to be successful or accepted, you must be like everyone else.

Where we’ve seen this trend, not surprisingly, as a leading San Mateo Storage facility, is that people come in every day, leaving us with their excess possessions so that their home is free of clutter. We’re not saying that having a clutter-free home is superior or vice versa, rather that there is an underlying shaming that is going on with people feeling that if they have too much in the way of material possessions that there is something wrong with them and they must hide it away.

Examine your possessions

First off, before you jump off into the deep end of the pool of minimization, take time to evaluate what you are seeing as too much. Is it truly clutter or treasured possessions that you value and want to keep? Most of the time, there is a little of both. Not to go too much into a certain person’s minimization strategy, but this makes sense. As Marie Kondo teaches, it’s important to determine if your possessions give you joy. These are they that you should keep. Otherwise, if something is just a reminder of the past (and one that you don’t really want to be reminded of), let it go. Sorry, no bursting into song here.

Determine its destiny

Now that you have ideas on whether or not you will be keeping everything, you have choices to make – or destinies to unfold, if you have a tendency to wax poetic. Most people have categories such as trash, donate, display, and store.

Act now – don’t look back!

After you’ve sorted everything into their respective future homes, move on this and quickly. It’s important to put your items where they will be living so that the winds of indecision can’t convince you that your choices are not appropriate. As for those things that you need a little more time before you make a comfortable decision, bring it on over to us at All American Self Storage in San Mateo, shame free storage for all.

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