Stage Your Home With These Tips

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Moving is the pits. There isn’t a single person that I know who loves the whole packing, carrying, loading, unloading, unpacking part of moving. The end result is often better than where we were, but most people would probably prefer to skip the middle part and get directly to the end.

Adding to the stress of a move is listing and selling your home. Not only are you trying to pack your entire life into cardboard boxes and find a new place to live, you’re in the position to make your home look perfect whenever someone wants a showing, as if you have nothing else going on.

Preparing to stage your home

The way your home is staged for potential buyers has a direct correlation to the offers and in many cases, the speed in which it sells. While most realtors give you tips on what you can do to help your house sell when you list it, in an ideal world, you have already spent several months making repairs and moving items out before you put it on the market.

A growing trend in San Mateo County is that many homeowners rent a storage unit short-term, as they work to prepare their home to be listed on the market. It’s better to select a facility that is centrally located, and All-American Self Storage can be easily accessed as it is centrally-located self storage near Redwood City.


Many realtors suggest that homeowners maintain a minimalist approach for showings. By keeping the number of knick-knacks in your home to a minimum, you can quickly straighten up for surprise showings. Another important benefit is that doing so invites prospective buyers to better envision themselves in your home.

Included on the list of items to go your new storage in San Mateo County should be holiday decorations, off-season clothes, collectibles, etc. Keep a few items on end tables, etc. that are warm and inviting. A few framed photos or a candle or two can be quite effective in creating the right atmosphere.

First impressions matter

Remember your curb appeal. Make sure that your lawn is regularly maintained and your front walk is tidy and swept. Having a wreath on the door is one way to create warm initial feelings for prospective buyers.

One realtor recommends that homeowners create at least one subtle interaction with as many of the five senses as possible so that when the house is shown that the prospective buyers have a memorable and personal experience in the home. Some recommend having some soft instrumental music playing in your family area. To create a memorable scent, you can boil some orange peels, a dash of cinnamon and vanilla to create a rich scent for a few minutes before the showing. Others insist that having a tray of baked goods helped them sell their home. Cookies can’t hurt, right?

Making your home less cluttered by putting unneeded items in storage is but one way that can help you stage your home more effectively.

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