Tackle Your Board Game Collection

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Don’t get me wrong, we love being able to safely store your possessions at All American Self Storage in Redwood City. But before you pack up you Monopoly Simpsons Version, Risk or Pandemic games because you don’t have room for them in your home, may we suggest a few ways to efficiently store your game collection?


Take inventory of your collection and remove those games that are just not family favorites. Rather than take up valuable storage space with games you won’t play, sell or donate them. Amazon and eBay are both good markets for game resale. If donation is your plan, consider donating to schools, senior centers, VFW Posts, church groups, neighbors, etc. By taking a realistic look at what you have and use, you can better estimate the space needed for your game collection.

Evaluate and experiment

Do you have many game boxes that are about the same size and shape? In this case, you have it easy. Many people like to store their games on bookshelves. Storing them vertically rather than horizontally allows for easy access and maximizes your storage space. Floating or track shelves are popular options as well, allowing you to customize your storage needs.

It is important to note that board games can be rather heavy, so you should plan for the weight. We don’t need to mention that you should secure your bookshelves, etc. to the wall so as to be safer from climbing children or tipping from an earthquake, right?

Think outside the box

Closet organizer – I saw a great idea on Pinterest a few months back that I now use for my children’s games. This would not work for most of our heavier European-style games, but does well for these. I purchased a closet organizer with shelves, like those that you would put outfits on for weekly wardrobe planning, and hung it in the closet, stacking their Trouble, Sorry, Connect Four, etc.

Bookends – For those who store their games on a track or floating shelf, the mantle, etc., using bookends can add stability and a decorative touch.

Storage Ottomans – These are increasingly available and affordable. Tuck your games into the storage space, pop on the cushion, and you’re set to go.

Long term storage

If you must store your board game collection, some people recommend wrapping them tightly in plastic wrap to protect against pests, moisture, etc. Try to pack them tightly in the box and never store them directly on the floor in case of a flood. We work hard to keep your items safe here at All American Self Storage in Redwood City, CA, but we can’t predict floods, etc.

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