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At San Mateo Self Storage we maintain and keep our storage units in great condition. Getting a storage unit enables you to store keepsakes and other belongings safely, and not keep them cluttering up your home. Letting your unit get dirty, or not cleaning things before storing them can lead to damaged items or pests getting into your items. Having a dirty unit can cause unneeded stress and anxiety. It is not worth it to rent a unit if you do not maintain it. Maintaining and cleaning your unit regularly can stop these problems from happening in the first place.

Keep cleaning supplies in your unit
Remembering to bring cleaning supplies each time you visit your storage unit can be hard. You may decide to stop by spontaneously or during another outing. Keeping cleaning supplies in your unit can help remind you to clean it every time you visit. It can be as simple as dusting your unit each time you visit. You should deep clean your unit often to keep dust and other pests from ruining your belongings. Clean your unit before starting to move any belongings, to start with a clean unit.

Clean your belonging before storing
Belongings and clothing can appear to be clean, so it seems like they can just be packed up. This is not the case. You should wash anything that is going to be stored before packing them. Ensuring the items are clean before storage reduces the likelihood of pests or dust form ruining them. Storing wet, dirty, or soiled items can lead to mold and/or unpleasant smells forming.

Elevate your items and use plastic buckets
Keeping your items off the floor using shelves or pallets can protect boxes and items from getting ruined by pests or spills. Items on the floor are more execcable to pests. Plastic buckets can seal your items and make it harder for items to be damaged.

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