DVD Storage Solutions for a Small Storage Space

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Has your DVD collection recently taken over not just your entertainment center but most areas of your living room and home as well? If you find it more and more difficult to find a place to keep your beloved movies in your home you need to come up with a new organizational plan. We at All American Self Storage in Redwood City love being able to help you in keeping your home clean and organized. Our variety of storage units can help you to keep the clutter at bay. We have come up with some DVD storage solutions for you to try when you just don’t have the necessary storage space available in your home. 

Store your DVD’s in Binders
Instead of keeping all of those DVD cases and trying to store them in every empty space left in your home, consolidate all of your DVDs into binders. Get a couple of binders in a color you like and add labels to their spines. Take the time to create a table of contents of all of your DVDs to make it easy to find the movie you want to watch.

DVD Slips in Bins or Drawers
DVD slips, or movie sleeves, are a great way to store your DVDs. They’re much less bulky than DVD cases, even though they can hold two DVDs per sleeve as well as cover art. Place the sleeves in a decorative bin or in one of the drawers of your entertainment center. You will be surprised at how much space you are saving when using this organizational method.

Build a DVD Shelving Unit
If you are lucky enough to be skilled at building your own storage you can create a custom DVD shelving unit. You can use your creativity to create a shelving unit that works best in your home. You might even want to consider building one that can easily hang on the back of a closet door. This will keep your DVDs out of sight and out of the way.

Digitally Convert your DVD’s onto a Portable Hard Drive
Are you more tech savvy than most? You may want to take the time to convert all of your DVDs digitally and have them saved onto a portable hard drive. So rather than having your DVDs take up space they are just taking up memory. You might need to do some research to see which software is best for converting DVDs to digital files and just how much memory you are going to need on your portable hard drive.

We at All American Self Storage in Redwood City hope that you found the above tips useful. If you are still searching for some much needed storage space you can stop by our facility and view the units we have available that will suite all of your storage needs.

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