How to Display your Books in your Home

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As an avid book lover you will want to show off the collection you have created over the years. To help you in the process you can sort through the ones you want to keep close at hand and store the rest in your storage unit at All American Self Storage in San Mateo. Below we have provided you with some creative ways to display your beloved books in your home.

Make Books part of the Décor
Incorporating your books onto your extra shelving or on your coffee table will add that extra personal touch your home needs. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your placement. Using books to display other decorations such as candles or trinkets upon a shelf can help on storage space and still give you a unique design.

Books you’re Currently Reading
Keep the books you are currently reading close at hand. While some may prefer to lounge in their favorite chair or lie in bed with a good book, storing it close by is a must. Get creative with your bedroom book storage options. Rethink the décor of the foot of your bed. Adding a small bookshelf can store all of your favorite stories like a mini library. Adding shelving above your headboard is another option. If you prefer a more hidden and organized approach you can always add book storage under your bed.

Use as Space Dividers
For those living in crammed quarters or studio apartments, space dividers are often needed to distinguish a bedroom from the living room. Using a book shelf to divide your space in a creative and modern way can help you do just that. This provides a place for your books to be on display as well as giving you the needed privacy in your small space.

Convert your Closet
If you so happen to have an empty closet that is dying to be filled, books can be your solution. Adding shelving might be a necessity but this allows for the storage of your books all in one place. This will also work as a concealed storing option for those who have children or don’t want their books on display all of the time.

Expand on Existing Storage
This is the time to use that extra dresser holding unneeded junk. By storing books within a dresser you can re-purpose the storage you already have and stay organized. This works especially well in children’s bedrooms because children’s books are often thin, allowing for more storage space in dresser drawers.

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