How to Drive your Moving Truck Properly

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When it comes to driving a larger vehicle there are bound to be some differences when it comes to drivability. When that vehicle is full of your precious items you will want to take extra care. We at All American Self Storage in San Mateo want to make sure your items get to their destination safely. Below we have listed some tips to help you in driving your moving truck properly.

Use your Mirrors Often
As with any car you want to constantly use your mirrors. Using your side-mirrors is especially important when driving a moving truck because you won’t have use of a rear-view mirror above the dash. Use your side mirrors to pay close attention to what and who is around you at all times. While driving on the road you will want to make sure you are leaving enough space between you and fellow drivers.

Use Caution while Stopping and Turning
You will want to take special care when driving a moving truck. Your driving will greatly affect how the items you stored in the truck will arrive. Don’t make any sudden stops or sharp turns, as this will cause your items to shift and fall. You could also cause damage to the people driving around you by taking a turn too sharp or stopping abruptly.

Plan your Trip Ahead of Time
Nothing is worse than trying to drive a truck that you aren’t familiar with and getting lost. To avoid a lot of stress and potential of difficult driving situations you will want to plan out your trip. Find a route that will be easiest for you to navigate a truck in. It is also good to plan on driving at a time where traffic isn’t heavy. Practice your route a couple times in your own car so you can easily navigate it in the moving truck.

Be Aware of your Truck’s Size
Driving a moving truck is a lot different compared to your everyday driver. You will want to take note of how tall and wide your moving truck is and prepare accordingly. Make sure there aren’t any low bridges or tight roadways that you will have to take on the way to your destination. You also want to give yourself enough room between you and fellow drivers on the road.

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