How to Make a Small Room Feel Larger

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We all have those rooms in our house we wish were just a little bit bigger. Instead of moving out and starting all over you can easily make your small room feel larger with the tips listed below. Make sure you start the process by placing all unused and unnecessary items in a storage unit at All American Self Storage in Redwood City, CA.

•Painting the ceiling is an easy trick to make a small room feel larger than it actually is. Adding paint or wallpaper to a ceiling will draw your eye upwards making your space feel larger.

•Painting a room with light colors and installing light flooring can also help to make a small space feel bigger.

•Place furniture away from the wall. When furniture is pushed up against the wall it makes a space feel smaller. Placing them a few feet away from the wall and adding a console table behind it can give the illusion of a larger space.

•Invest in furniture pieces that have hidden storage. Ottomans can easily have a dual purpose when using them to store blankets or electronics that aren’t used as often.

•Hang shelves up higher towards the ceiling. This will draw your eye upwards and allow you space to feel and look larger than it actually is.

•The use of vertical stripes can elongate a room. Adding a striped rug or adding stripes to a wall can also give the illusion of a larger living space.

•By skipping the window coverings you can actually have your space appear to have more depth. The more natural light the better. Natural light will allow your space to feel large as it opens up the room to the world outside.

•Have one large statement piece rather than a whole bunch of little ones. For example, having just one large couch in your small room will create more space rather than having multiple small couches.

•Purchase floor and table lamps when trying to provide light to smaller space. Overhead lighting will pool light into one spot and make the room appear cramped. By placing floor and table lamps strategically around the room you can draw your eye around the room and give the illusion of space.

•Strategically placed mirrors will also provide the illusion of more space. Have the mirrors placed across from a window so the light will reflect off the mirror and make the room feel larger.

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