How to Pick a Unit That is Right for You

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Here at San Mateo Self Storage we want you to find the unit that is perfect for you. We have all different types of storage units that you can choose from. No matter what you are trying to store we will help you find the perfect unit. Depending on what items you will want to store will help determine the right kind of storage unit. If you are storing many little items such as clothes and toys you will not need as big of a unit as someone who wants to store cars and furniture.

We provide many storage units of all sorts of shapes and sizes. Our sizes range from 2’ x 3’ (6 square feet) to 20’ x 30’ (600 square feet) and our ceilings are a minimum of 10 feet. Some of our units do have a 14 foot ceiling which can be good for storing items that are long. The hardest part may be picking a storage unit size that can also fit into your budget. Our units range from $27 to $868. We can help you find the perfect size at the best price.

When choosing a storage unit it is always best to keep in mind what you plan to store. Larger items such as cars, couches, tables, and boats are going to need a pretty big unit. If all you want to store are a pair of skis, business files, and a mattress you will want a smaller unit. We want you to only rent the amount of space that you need. If you need more or less space it is easy to transfer into a different unit size.

When you are ready to look for a storage unit please give us a call and talk to in-house storage experts. They are here to help you find the best unit option. They will help you find a particular unit that will give you enough space and will fit your budget.

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