How to Properly Store your Electronics

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Before placing your electronic devices in your storage unit at All American Self Storage in San Mateo, you will want to make sure you are preparing them properly to ensure they won’t get damaged during their stay. The goal is to have your electronics ready to plug in and use the day you take it out of your unit. Below are some tips for you to try when preparing your electronics for storage.

Preparing your Electronic Devices
Many electronics such as computers, printers, and televisions, come with owner’s manuals or have owner’s manuals on a website for instruction pertaining to their use. These instructions can also recommend how to properly pack and store that specific item. Don’t forget to remove any CDs or DVDs from your electronics before unplugging. Moving these items while they are still in the DVD or CD player will cause damage to the CD or DVD and even the console itself.

Keep Track of Necessary Pieces
Most electronics come with a variety of cords and often complicated connections. Take a picture of the connections and how they are supposed to be set up before you disassemble and pack up. This way you can save the hassle of trying to remember how exactly you got your electronics to work last time. Bundle all coordinating wires together and label them. Any small connections or parts can be stored together in plastic bag and then placed in the box with the rest of the accessories or taped to the outside of the box or container if you are lacking in space.

Packing your Electronics
If possible store the item in the box it originally came in. These boxes and packing supplies are made to specifically fit that particular electronic. If you have already tossed the box, you can always purchase the necessary packing supplies. Remember to purchase anti-static foam to place over the top of computer and TV screens. A filler must also be used inside of the box to make sure your electronics don’t move around in transit. Sealing the box tightly and accurately will help protect the item from any outside damage. Try to get the best moving boxes available or plastic totes big enough to store the electronics you want to keep safe.

Label Everything
Label your boxes and be as specific as possible. List all electronics and parts stored within that box. This will save you time when you go back to your storage unit at All American Self Storage in San Mateo to retrieve one specific item.

Place your packed electronics in the back of your storage unit and preferably off the floor. Purchasing shelving or elevating the boxes on pallets or tarps can help protect your items from possible damage.

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