It’s Halloween time! Fun things to do.

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It’s finally October, and you know what that means Halloween! Halloween is one of the funniest times of the year, there are pumpkins, haunted houses, baked goods, scary movies, and lots of candy.

There are a ton of fun things to do during this time of year. Farm stands pop up everywhere, and most of them boast amazing produce and pumpkins. Stopping by one of these stands can help you prepare for Halloween. Buy some pumpkins and get carving. There are a lot of different designs you can find online to help you carve the best pumpkin ever. If you prefer sweets and treats over carving into produce then do not fear. There are so many fall dessert options to choose from, there are cookies, cakes, bars, and so much more. If you do not possess the skill to bake your own treat you can always buy them from a local store or bakery.

Go and find out about your local Halloween events. There are haunted houses, haunted woods, and maybe even a haunted amusement park. If scary things are not up your alley there are other more family friendly events like a corn maze or hay rides.

The leaves in the trees will have turned their beautiful array of color. This makes them the perfect backdrop for a fall photoshoot. Gather some friends or family and go take pictures and make memories. There are a lot of different and unique photo spots, especially if you go up into the mountains. Trails twist and turn up and down the mountains, these trails can lead to a perfect photoshoot. On top of having fun with your friends you can post all of your favorite photos to the social media platform of your choice.

If going out seems like too much, or you just simply want to chill at your home you can have a scary movie marathon. Every streaming service out there will start to play scary movies once October hits. Go to your Storage San Mateo CA and dig out your collection of scary movies, if you can. Just kick back and relax, but not really relax you will be too busy being scared and creeped out.

There are so many fun things to do this Halloween!

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