Keeping your Home Organized with Growing Children

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If you have kids of your own you are well aware of the messes they cause. Our little tornados can ruin a clean house in seconds. As they grow you will want to give them an opportunity to learn how to pick up and organize their belongings. All American Self Storage in San Mateo can help in the organization process with one of our self-storage units. Below are some suggestions when it comes to helping your child in creating an organized home.

Toy Boxes
Toy boxes are the best storage when it comes to the toys your child plays with the most. Having the ease of access to the toys will also help your child learn the process of getting out and putting away their toys. To get your child involved in the cleanup process, have them help you create a fun and interesting toy box. Decorating it with either a favorite movie character or even their favorite animal will get them excited to use the toy box as it was intended.

Art Gallery
Children produce large amounts of fantastic pieces of art. Often time they produce more art then you can display. Creating a personalized art gallery for all of their pieces of art work will decrease the clutter around the home. You can create this gallery from either mounting corkboard, magnetic strips, or string with clothes pins. Place the gallery in a space that is easy to get to and low enough so your child can hang up their own artwork. This is a simple way to display your child’s masterpieces for your visitors to see.

Storage Jars and Bins
For all those little toys and art accessories that can easily get lost, create your own storage jars or bins. You can do this in a variety of ways so your storage will still correlate with your home décor. One way you can do this is by personalizing mason jars. Keeping the Mason Jar clear will allow you to easily see what is stored inside, and you can decorate the lids with your child. Adding small toys to the top of the jars such as plastic dinosaurs or animals can help your child open the jars with ease. Recovering old diaper boxes with fabric of your choice is a cheap and easy way to create storage bins for your child’s larger toys.

Getting your child involved and excited in the organization process will give them the motivation they need when it comes to keeping your home clean. Minimizing the amount of items they have in your home will help. You can easily place these items in a self-storage unit at All American Self Storage in San Mateo. For more information regarding our facility feel free to give us a call today.

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