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Fall is just around that corner, and that means colder weather. It is time to trade our tee-shirts and shorts for sweatpants and jackets. Having all of your summer clothes in your closet can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you already do not have much room. This can lead to having a house cluttered by clothes you will not be wearing for about six months. Using your Storage Redwood City unit can solve this problem. A storage unit is a great place to store seasonal clothes, baby clothes, or any other clothing item you want to keep but will not be wearing for a while.

Putting your clothes into storage may seem like an easy task. Just put all your clothes into cardboard boxes and call it good. But doing this can lead to your clothes benign damage. Taking the time to properly package your clothes can help you maintain their quality. Here are a few tips to help you properly package your clothing:

Get good containers
Putting clothes into cardboard boxes or plastic bags is the easiest way to pack them, but these will not protect your clothes. Buy or find plastic containers that have lids that close and seal your clothing inside. Plastic bins protect your clothes against pests, dust, humidity, and other problems that can damage clothes.

Wash your clothing before packing
Before beginning to pack, wash every single item of clothing you are going to pack; even if your clothes appear clean. Packing dirty clothes can lead to mildew, mold, and other pests to damage and stain your clothes. Any food stains may attract bugs and animals. This can also cause a bad smell to get into your clothes.

If you will not be wearing these clothing items for years try to visit your storage unit every 1-2 years and get out your clothes and re-fold them. This will help your clothes not get crease lines and it will air them out.

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