Tips for Storing your Dirt Bike and ATV this Winter

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As the days become shorter and colder you are faced with the task of what to do with your dirt bikes and ATVs this winter. Placing them in a storage unit at All American Self Storage in Redwood City, CA will ensure their safety while leaving you with the space you need in your garage. Before placing your dirt bikes and/or ATVs in storage you need to make sure they are prepped for their stay.

Get the Oil Changed
Unless you’ve just changed the oil and filter, and your final ride day consisted of only a few laps, your engine will be coated in dirty oil which can be very damaging to your bike. Put fresh oil and a new filter in your ride. Run the engine briefly to coat the external parts with fresh lubricant. This way you can rest easy knowing that your dirt bikes and ATVs are ready to go for your next ride.

Drain the Gas or Add a Fuel Stabilizer
Having gasoline sit for a few months in a cold climate will make it gummy and ruin your fuel system. You have a couple of ways in which you can prevent this from happing. Drain the gas tank which can be done by letting the engine idle until the fuel runs out or add a fuel stabilizer like Sta-Bil to a full tank of gas. The full tank mixed with Sta-bil eliminates any concern over moisture build-up in the tank and the stabilizer prevents gas from gumming. Just be sure to let the engine idle a few minutes to allow the mixture to penetrate the entire fuel system.

Change the Coolant/ Anti-Freeze
Just as you would maintain your car you will want to do the same with your dirt bike and ATV. Putting fresh anti-freeze in your dirt bike and ATV will protect it from the cold winter months that are ahead.

Put it on a Stand
Most riders tend to leave their dirt bike on a stand anyway but this is crucial for long term storage. It’s not as crucial for the ATV (some use blocks or jacks regardless) but letting your dirt bike rest in one position over the long term often degrades the tires and can mess with the suspension.

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